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The story of Holi / Historia Holi

Last year we wrote about Holi here : HOLI 2017

Holi, formerly called Holika, is the festival of the victory of good over evil, the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when everything wakes up and revives again. It's a celebration of love, forgiveness and repair of relationships with loved ones.

Indians celebrate this event in the evening of the previous day. People gather around fire where they perform rituals and prayers that aim to destroy the evil that is in them. Fire in Hindu religion is very important, it has the power not only of destruction, but also of purification. The next day  people go out on the streets and scatter the colored powder.

On the holiday table you can find for sure a sweet, traditional delicacy called Gujia. It's a kind of deep-fried dumplings, stuffed with a mixture of milk powder, coconut flakes and nuts. Amateurs of extremely sweet flavors dip gujia in a sugar syrup.

The history of Holi is associated with Indian beliefs. For us, they may sou…