Poezja / Poetry

Dzisiaj chciałabym się z Wami czymś podzielić.

Zakochuję się w A. każdego dnia na nowo. Ten człowiek mnie fascynuje i cały czas zaskakuje. Potrafi rozśmieszyć mnie do łez nic nie mówiąc i zaopiekować się mną kiedy jestem chora tak, że zawsze czuję się najważniejsza na świecie.

Jednak to poezja sprawiła, że przepadłam. Bo A. pisze wiersze. I pisze tak, że każdy dzień staje się piękniejszy i cały czas czuję w nozdrzach zapach jaśminu. I już zawsze jaśmin będzie kojarzył mi się z moim mężczyzną. Dlatego chciałabym Wam pokazać kilka jego wierszy, które mi wysłał kiedy się poznaliśmy. Jednak nie podejmę się tłumaczenia ich na język polski. Mam nadzieję, że zrozumiecie. 

Czytajcie i piszcie poezję. To zawsze wyzwala. I sprawia, że dzień staje się piękniejszy.


Today I would like to share something with you.

I fall in love with A. each day over and over again . This man fascinates me and is constantly surprising me. He can make me cry with laughter, saying nothing and taking care of me when I'm sick so I always feel the i am the most important person in the world.

However, it is poetry that made me feel that i am in love. A. Because he writes poems. I write so that every day becomes more beautiful and I still feel the smell of jasmine lingering on my .Jasmine always reminds me of my man. Therefore, I would like to show you some of his poems, which he sent me when we first met. However, I do not undertake to translate them into Polish. I hope you understand.

Read and please write poetry. It's always triggers. And that makes the day even more beautiful.


Fickle my thoughts and trouble breeds in my nerves
I stare at the hole in the sky , there appears a purple verve
The wind blows in adifferent way off late
Cherry blossomed Mist of her existence soaked in shimmer
I am giving away slowly to this rush of blood in my rusted nerves
Succumbed to her giggle i paint a smile on my face
I am here! waiting for your voice to echo and resonate in my vivid reality

(wiersz ze zdjęcia / poem from the picture)


This crumbled sheet with twisted fibres
tells the tale of my dreamsclenched to its waves 
I sew my life every night  with a faint light beam
my shoe lace taught me how staying organised makes you walk firm or trip and fall
and I took inspiration to stand strong from this wall
I saw my face in the mirror and I learnt that I am my biggest competition
and this vast sky and the unending floor beneath my feet offered me my vision
how to change with the seasons is what the banyan reinforced
the grains buried under the soil showed me another way 
to reach for the light when you are dug and shoved in deep
there is always a new way
a different route
a bend in the road and that's how the journey starts
and you how to love

The 4am fragrance of his words mingling with the jasmines weaved in her tresses.
As he tries to untangle each strand &unravel each emotion.
And the breaking dawn blushing crimson witnessing the foreplay of his fingertips with the tangled jasmine flowers.
Was he untangling or getting caught himself in the web of desire and the the unkown shade of her blue eyes.
And she mingled in his breaths and went adrift in his cascade.
As the gentle rays of dawn were stealing specks of charcoal from his eyes and painting hues of orange in them.
Ans as the henna darkened, blushing beholding they play of fingertips and sunlight playing cupid with jasmine as their witness.
Destinies were forged.


  1. You people are really blessed! Really happy to see a couple like you! This blog is so fascinating and wish everyone was as lucky as you both are!!!

    1. Awwwww thank you so much Priyesh! God bless you! :)